Caleb with Dad at the piano

Five days ago was a very special day. The 3rd of May 2021.

Twenty one years earlier, Caleb was born.  A very special little boy.  He was with us only for 25 months or so but in that time drew out of peoples hearts so much love and adoration.

I should know because he was my son.

Caleb had a battle to face pretty well everyday of his life as he suffered from a genetic condition that had compromised the development of his lungs. It meant regular visits to hospitals even before he was born. Despite the battles and trauma he faced he was still able to light up a room with his smile. Losing him was painful beyond words. I’ve always felt that when he went part of me went with him. Not lost, never lost. How can love or those who inspire it ever be lost? Everything takes its meaning and relevance from love. Just as gravity keeps us on earth so Love is the centre that bonds us all. It was a privilege to be his father for those two and a bit years.

Music was in his blood. His great great great grandfather was a well known songwriter on the Isle of Skye during the terrible years of the Highland clearances. Like my father and son I also have music in my blood. I wrote a song in appreciation of Caleb and you can listen to it below.

I put the skyhome website live on the 3rd of May as for me it was a very special day.

Calebs Song

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