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Creative Designs by Penny and Graham McPherson

Landscape Photography

I’ve been taking photographs of the Landscape in the UK for some time now and glad to have won several awards and accolades through the years.

I try to capture the emotion of a place and that can involve getting up early or even in the middle of the night if it’s for an Aurora Borrealis shot. The “golden hours” around dawn and dusk are when most of my shots are taken as the atmosphere at these times can be supercharged and very emotive. 

I’m pleased to have had images appear in several newspapers, magazines and calendars. But it’s not all plain sailing. A good deal of time spent “out in the field” may only produce mediocre results, but like prospecting for gold, I’m rewarded every now and then with a beautiful sunrise or sunset or weather phenomenon.  It’s then a privilege to be able to share it, as I am able, through my photography and art.

Graham McPherson

Pennys Paintings - Bright Skies and Butterflies

The beauty of the west coast of Scotland is much talked of, and rightly so…landscapes and seascapes to take the breath away and ever changing light flooding through skies that go on forever. When I’m painting, at home in our sun room studio here in Galloway, I love to fill my work with colour, most often choosing to create scenes of the coastline or ocean, with wide expanses of bright sky, vivid wildflowers and the addition of butterflies in flight.

I’m inspired to paint butterflies not only because of their intrinsic beauty of form and movement, but also because of their unique life cycle. There is a miracle conveyed by their delicate design and vivid, life-filled colours that is unlike any other, and the journey taken from caterpillar to winged beauty is otherworldly and inspiring.

Penny McPherson

Butterfly Earrings

Colours say a lot, and butterflies, though silent and delicate, speak volumes. These colourful butterfly earrings are of my own unique design, intricately hand painted in acrylics on art canvas, which I have sealed with a matt varnish for protection. They are attached to an art nouveau style silver and cubic zirconia ear wire which is shaped like a sparkling droplet of nectar to symbolise abundance for a thriving life.

All silver is 925 Sterling Silver and the ear wires are hallmarked as such. Clear rubber earring security backs are supplied on each ear wire. Each pair is one of a kind and I love the way they have a certain freedom of movement to dance as they dangle and also that they are a pair, a symbol of love if you will.

From wing tip to wing tip the smaller earrings (£31.99) measure 35mm and from piercing point to bottom measure 38mm. The larger design (32.99) measures 58mm from wing tip to wing tip, and 46mm drop from ear.

Penny McPherson

IndiPendants Jewellery

When it comes to creative endeavors my wife tells me that I have a lot of patience. I guess it’s certainly true when it comes to making jewellery. I can spend days making a single necklace – going through different refining procedures. The pendants I make from hardwood all go through an 18 step sanding process that involves shaping, contouring, and finally polishing the wood so it looks not too disimilar from a gemstone. That does take patience as cutting corners means going back and redoing it. The results though are pieces that have had care and attention to detail at every stage.

Graham McPherson

Photography Services

As well as producing landscape images to buy as high quality prints I can offer photo restoration services either as reprinting photographs  or restoring old photographs that have been damaged. also digitising images to help preserve the originals and make them more “shareable”

Graham McPherson


I was once in a band in school called “Good Grief” and that was the response of some of our listeners.  At a gig in Somerset we once got paid an extra fiver for finishing our set early! It didn’t squash my enthusiasm though and recently I’ve recorded some songs at home and put a few on the skyhome blog.

Graham McPherson

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