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Songs by Penny & Graham McPherson





Your Peace is in the soft reflected sunset

in the golden light that scatters through the trees

Your voice is in the song of hidden blackbird

suspended in the gentle twilight breeze

You are here as soft indigo

deepens into nightfall

Your word the light that conquers over dark

As the world turns on and on like clockwork

You give us faith

and You dwell within our hearts

Your power crescendos in bright dawns light

In the newness and the pureness of each day

Your mysteries like the molodies of songthrush

Moving gently as the dew vanishes away

You’re here as time takes us through the morning

Your word is in our hearts and on our minds

Unfolding day reveals the path that must be taken

In You dear Lord our strength and hope we find

In You dear Lord our strength and hope we find.

Your Peace