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Songs by Penny & Graham McPherson




verse 1

O Holy Night when Wondrous Love

Came down to Earth to dwell

The Greatest gift of God revealed

And by a virgin held

The Angels with the stars above

shone with heavenly light

Atoning Love in human flesh

 Born to put death to flight

verse 2

Oh Holy Life You showed the Way

Amidst this fallen world

Through all the ages prophesied

Your footsteps long foretold

Your healing touch Your leading light

The Truth, the Life, the Way

Jesus Messiah crucified

To bring Eternal day

Verse 3

Oh Holy King You died for me

Your perfect flesh laid bare

Your agonizing sacrifice

For a world that would not care

Defeating death You rose again

You vanquished pain and sin

An open door for all the world

Believe and enter in

verse 4

Oh Holy love true heart of grace

My soul redeemed set free

What may I give my lord my King

Who gave it all for me

It is true that all You ask

Is that my heart I give

And safe within Your wondrous Love

Eternal I may live.

Wondrous Love