Blessings and benedictions…

White cherry blossom

Why do I love to see a wild cherry tree? Well, in and of itself, it has such a beautiful presence…the promise of leaf burst, the promise of blossom, the promise of fruit…the shape of the boughs, the colour and texture of the bark…the way the birds flit or stay. But also, for me, it […]


Heart made of beads and sea pottery

Love is not a limited commodity, it is a limitless and boundless outpouring. It cannot and will not cease to flow, it doesn’t require anything to be contained, held or captured in, it defies logic and reasoning and is no respecter of the recipients willingness or worthiness to receive it. It cannot be measured or […]


Caleb with Dad at the piano

Five days ago was a very special day. The 3rd of May 2021. Twenty one years earlier, Caleb was born.  A very special little boy.  He was with us only for 25 months or so but in that time drew out of peoples hearts so much love and adoration. I should know because he was […]

Across the Bay

Across Luce Bay

Looking out from the end of our garden, here in the South Rhins of Galloway, I am blessed, on a clear day, to see the unmistakeable great sculpted granite form of Cairnsmore, away across Luce Bay. When I was little we would often, on the weekend, go from home in Newton Stewart to Mochrum, and […]

The Hummingbird Logo

Skyhome Hummingbird Logo

The Skyhome logo is a Hummingbird.  These birds are extraordinary little creatures.  Here’s 5 things I love about them :- They are the smallest of all birds Their tiny wings sing They can fly up, down, sideways and backwards They live for and on Nectar They come in many wonderful colours   These colourful creatures […]

View from the bottom of the Garden

The High Road What a wonderful view we have from the bottom of our garden. Looking out over the South Rhins of Galloway to Luce Bay and the Machars. There’s a wonderful patchwork quilt of fields of varying shades and textures all seperated by dry stone dykes and gorse hedges. The low road goes down […]