Far Away?

Skylark in flight Bob Brewer

Are you far away from someone you love? Sometimes we find ourselves physically a long distance from those in our heart, and sometimes it is a different form of distance that feels like separation…time, misunderstanding, death or perhaps something unique to our circumstances and hard to explain. I have found that going out and being fully in the natural world may help; sometimes simply feeling the breeze on your skin and noticing the wild flowers, hearing a birds song perhaps, may release emotions you are struggling to manage. Sometimes it is wonderful to release your tears or words to the breeze, to the sky…


Skylark, will you carry my love,
up there, where the wind sways,
up into the sparkling air,
that draws the beauty of your song,
Where the undiluted sunlight,
mingles with the heather’s scent,
so free, so unopposed,
and, like a river, freely flows
to journey on?

Penny McPherson

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